Survives technology shifts and gets more valuable over time

  • Hundreds of new software systems resemble each other when it comes to modernity and fashion. What makes them unique is their system gist
  • MDriven makes your gist timeless, separating it from the currently modern, but fugacious, implementation strategy
  • When your business has its own gist, clearly described in UML, it is easy to maintain and evolve. Free from modernity and fashion issues
  • Your system gist changes and evolves along with the business
    it supports
  • Do not limit your ability to produce robust systems with longevity. Don't chase modernity - have MDriven handle that for you
  • Free up the new technologies to change without revision of all the gist stuff alltogether - save invested time and money

Putting your Gist to work
Capitalizing your know how


Model your information needs. Fold that information to views

Clean & Careful Progress

Catch the requirements as they come. Deliver a bit more functionality each day. Never stop

Document Knowledge

The model is always 100% equal to your running system - this is the perfect place to learn about your businessas it evolves

Web First

All systems built with MDriven runs in a web-browser. You can also run them with Windows presentation foundation

Cloud based

Systems run Microsoft Azure Cloud or on-premise if you want

Easy start

Everything you need within minutes