MDriven Framework

MDriven Framework is a .net Framework that allows you to model your requirements in UML – and get an exact match of this as a domain layer in c# code.

The model and MDriven Framework also helps you to bind your domain layer data to UI technologies as WPF, WindowsForms, ASP.NET, ASP MVC, Silverlight, Windows Store apps, Windows Universal, Windows Phone – or in short pretty much anything you can think of.

The model is also used to automatically maintain and evolve a database schema for a primarily SQLServer or MySQL – but it is not limited to this – a simple PeristenceMapper api can be fulfilled and make MDriven maintain schema for Orcale, SQLLite, Interbase and a bunch of other brands for relational databases. The code written with MDriven Framework is db-agnostic and the same code will work on different persistence backends – making it ideal to withstand the test of time – and making it easy to mock persistence backend for testing purposes.

You can use MDriven Framework with Visual Studio in design time and you can use it in Mono – including Unity, Portable including Xamarin, Windows Store, Silverlight5 and .net 4.0+ frameworks in runtime

The MDriven Framework has been around since 2007 and it is a replacement for the similar product ECO For VisualStudio and for the discontinued product Bold for Delphi (1995-2003, acquired by Borland)

You can follow along with the video playlist that describes MDriven turnkey found here