MDriven Designer

Anyone can use the MDriven Designer to model requirements and prototype detailed information systems. You will not grow out of this product. Even if you use nothing else, Designer helps you to think about large complex interlocked requirements for any domain. It is a standalone windows application that allows you to model and design information systems. Models created with MDriven Designer rely heavily on standards as UML and OCL.

Using MDriven Designer is very much like having a full stack software development team made out of software – it reacts in seconds – in does exactly what you say – it only questions you when you are inconsistent – it will do a good job of merging changes into existing information structures to keep data – it will follow every rule on how to create scalable normalized databases that are easy to read and understand – it will never get tired – and it is really fast.
We recommend that you stay up to date by using the ClickOnce

You can follow along with the video playlist that describes MDriven Designer found here